Tips to Increase Engagement Rate on TikTok

Recently, many TikTok users are looking for ways to grow their accounts and reach a larger audience. One of the most common mistakes is to focus only on the number of followers criteria. If you want to be discovered by brands and earn money on TikTok, it is very important to interact. TikTok, which many popular and well-known brands use, increased the brand interaction rate to 350 percent in 1 year. Brands or individuals need to interact with their users to increase their engagement rate on TikTok. For this reason, brands and personal accounts that receive high interaction, of course, benefit from some strategies. How can you increase your Instagram interactions?

Tips for Increasing TikTok Engagement Rate

Here are 6 practical methods:

Collaborate with Others

Users need to follow the brands and pages. You can collaborate with famous TikTokers to gain interaction on TikTok. Sharing videos of brands that sell products with real and famous people who use the product in question creates a 30 percent interaction.

Create a TikTok Theme

The interaction may increase or decrease depending on the themes of the shared videos. It is stated that light color videos get 24 percent more interaction than dark ones.

Analyze the TikTok Statistics Well

In general, it is known that the day that provides the most interaction is Sunday, and the day that provides the least interaction is Wednesday on TikTok. However, this is a general estimate and, therefore, may vary depending on your target audience. Besides, another important point is to share daily posts. Otherwise, nobody wants to follow an account that shares periodically.

increase engagement rate on tiktok

Be Careful When Using Hashtags

One of the ways to increase TikTok likes is the use of hashtags. However, users can misuse these tags. Make sure that the post you share and the hashtags you use have the same content. Otherwise, the algorithm detects this and prevents you from falling into the discover section. You should use a maximum of 5 relevant hashtags in the content you share without getting too much.

Interact With Other Accounts

Thanks to TikTok celebrities and competitions, the TikTok followers of many people have been increasing. But it’s important to remember that incoming followers can go back. You can also leave comments on other accounts and suggest your page to increase your TikTok likes.

FAQs on How to Increase TikTok Engagement Rate on TikTok

Is it possible for me to make money by making TikTok videos?

Yes, you can make a profit with sponsorships by following the steps above.

What makes TikTok so famous?

Creative users who manage to entertain people with videos.

Can I make money only with your follower count?

The number of views of your profile is just as important as your number of followers.

To Conclude TikTok Engagement Rate

You can earn a profit from the TikTok app by reading the steps above and increasing your number of followers and views with the intriguing video.

How to Make a TikTok Video?

TikTok is an excellent platform for watching and sharing various types of short videos and a way to gain your followers and gain more exposure for your brand. In this article, we will share how to make a TikTok video.

1. Start Your TikTok Account

You can immediately enjoy watching other people’s videos at the home screen once you installed the TikTok app. However, to make your videos, you need to sign up (or log in if already registered) for your account. Make sure you refresh your profile picture and choose a suitable username.

2. The “Plus” Sign

In the app, you will see a white “plus” sign at the bottom of the app’s home screen. It enables you to make your TikTok videos or upload an existing video. Tap on that “plus” sign to start recording your video. Also, you need to allow the TikTok app to access your phone’s camera, gallery, and recorder.

3. Choose Exciting Music

There will be an option to choose music or pick a sound at the top of the screen. Once you tap on that option, the music menu will open. You will find various songs in TikTok’s library, pick and preview a song that you want to embed in your video. There is also a search tab if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Make a TikTok Video

4. Start Making Your Video

After selecting a song, tap on the “Confirm to use and begin shooting” button. Press and hold the recorder icon to start filming your video. TikTok allows up to 15-seconds long videos. Besides, you can upload up to 60-seconds long videos from your phone gallery. After finishing the shooting, tap on the red checkmark to save the video.

5. Editing Your Video

You can continue to edit screen and find numerous options to edit your video. You can replace the song, adjust the volume, or cut sound. Also, you can add special effects, stickers, text, and filters to your video. Tap on “Next” to edit the title and caption of the video, hashtags, and other details. Tap on the “Post” button to publish your video successfully on TikTok.

TikTok Video FAQs

Can I create dance videos on TikTok?

Yes, you can easily create dance videos while lip syncing and grooving your dance steps to a chosen song.

Can I restrict others from viewing my videos?

You can change the Privacy setting before publishing your video. However, TikTok profiles are public by default.

Can I use emojis on my vides?

You can use more than 100 emojis on your videos provided by TikTok.

TikTok Videos in Short

It is effortless to make TikTok videos, and you will get addicted once you start using it. After posting the video, you will begin gaining views, likes, shares, and comments on your videos, which will help you get some popularity and followers on TikTok. By maintaining a regularity, you can promote yourself and become a famous TikTok user on several other social media platforms.

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Ways of Making Money on TikTok

TikTok is quite a new social media platform that allows users to produce inspiring and innovative content, interact with other people, and have more credit on the internet. There are some ways of making money on TikTok, which is quite simple. Here are some steps you can develop to begin your career on TikTok.

Step 1: Build a Unique TikTok Profile

Creating engaging, inspiring, and original content that will make users recognize your profile, among other accounts, will help you get and keep your followers.

Step 2: Select Trending Songs or Concepts

You can get an idea of what your target audience is enjoying. Creating trending content that will get the audience interested in your profile will help you be noticeable.

Step 3: Connect Your Other Social Media Profiles

Connecting social media profiles, such as YouTube and Instagram, to your TikTok account will enable your audience notice to you on multiple platforms. Moreover, they will be able to see what you provide and boost your profits.

Make Money on TikTok

Step 4: Aim at a Larger Audience

Make sure to aim at a wider audience, which involves your target audience as well. You will have a higher chance to display your products and improve your promoting strategies. Also, the improvement in views and profile engagements will support your profile’s organic traffic, which will develop your online status.

Step 5: Use Relevant Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags is vital to get your posts noticeable to your audience as on Twitter or Instagram. Nevertheless, the hashtags should be appropriate to the content itself. Otherwise, unrelated hashtags will create ambivalence.

For instance, if you use a hashtag about politics while your content is about fashion products, it would be pointless and cause an inadequate look on your profile.

Step 6: Make Arrangements With Popular Brands

After building your TikTok profile and crowding it with numerous followers from throughout the world, you will get sponsors’ consideration.

Marketing teams of leading brands are continually watching out to famous internet personalities to get them to promote their products online. Besides, they will pay a large amount of money if the account has a larger number of followers. Another benefit of arranging brands to hire you like a product displayer apart from earning money is that you get to use classy products without a charge!

FAQs About TikTok

How can I see what is trending on TikTok?

Go to the “Discover” tab, and you will be able to see the trending concepts, songs, and hashtags.

How can I get my money from TikTok?

All you need a confirmed PayPal account to demand a cash withdrawal from your TikTok account.

Who is the highest-earning content producer on TikTok?

It is Charli D’Amelio with earning $48000 per post.

In Short

Earning money on TikTok may seem simple, but it takes a lot of time and effort to develop your online appearance and reputation. Once you have got the spirit, you will start earning money in no time!

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Step by Step Guide to TikTok Analytics

TikTok provides a great favor to its users with the TikTok Analytics tool and helps its users to improve their accounts. You can follow your TikTok account step by step with this article without the need for fake third-party applications. Today, we will explain to you the TikTok Analytics step by step.

How to Get a TikTok Pro Account?

Before you can use TikTok Analytics, you need to have a TikTok Pro account first. While TikTok Pro accounts benefit from this service, regular accounts cannot. To switch to a TikTok pro account, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your profile page and press the three-dot symbol on your profile page.
  2. Choose your category and gender.
  3. If you did not register with your phone number, you need to enter your phone number now.
  4. Finally, a confirmation code will send to your phone, enter this confirmation code in the field.
TikTok Analytics

How to See Your TikTok Analytics?

If you’ve successfully switched from the regular account to the TikTok pro account, you may say it’s time to use TikTok Analytics. If you click on the three-dot symbol at the top right corner on your profile, it is possible to see this service under the Account option. The data analytics you can see in the TikTok Analytics:

  • Profile Analytics
  • Content Analytics
  • Follower Analytics

With profile analytics, you can see the status of your TikTok profile. It is possible to see how many visitors your profile received, the sudden increases in visitor traffic of your profile, and changes in the long term.

With the content analytics, you can see the number of likes, comments, and views of your content. You can also access your specific TikTok content analysis. It is possible to see the total sharing, playing time, and all traffic of a video.

With follower analytics, you can see which days you have gained more followers, which helps you to find out what content you need to produce to grow your TikTok account.

Analytics FAQs

How many days of data should I look at to see the development of my TikTok account?

You can switch between the seven-day or twenty-eight-day to view the short and long-term change of your account.

Can I see my TikTok analytics when I switched to the pro account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use TikTok Analytics the moment you switch to the pro account. You have to wait for seven days because TikTok did not have enough data to analyze it yet.

What’s the difference between a regular TikTok account and a TikTok pro account?

The main difference between a regular account and a pro account is that you can use the Analytics service.

Conclusion – Get Hold of Your Profile

With the TikTok Analytics service, it is possible to see the overall performance of your account. With TikTok profile, content, and follower analysis, you can make your TikTok account popular by detecting what you can do to improve your profile.

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Popular TikTok Challenges (& Taking Part)

More and more people are getting interested in TikTok challenges, and these contents are becoming more popular day by day. Today we can see that a challenge that has appeared on the TikTok platform has been shared even on other platforms. While there are quite a lot of TikTok challenges, popular challenges are, of course, attracted by more people. We will explain the TikTok challenges that are popular today and how you can take part in these TikTok challenges.

What Are TikTok Challenges?

TikTok challenges are simply the same challenges you see on platforms like YouTube or Instagram. The challenge video is expected to be made by everyone or at least tried. Thus, everyone tries this video by shooting this challenge and sharing it with the same hashtag through the TikTok application. These TikTok challenge videos can be like, a dance challenge, a joke, or a difficult move. In these TikTok challenges, where there is usually no winner, the primary purpose is to have fun. By participating in these challenges, you can increase your number of followers and have a more productive and fun time in the TikTok application.

Popular TikTok Challenges

What are Popular TikTok Challenges?

Popular TikTok challenges are renewing themselves day by day. Even a challenge that took place a few hours ago can spread quickly and become popular. Popular challenges you can try right now are Vogue challenge, the challenge with the song named Savage, or the challenge to kiss your best friend. If you want you can try the challenge “Wipe it Down,” in which your makeup and clothes are changing while you are wiping the glass. There is also a challenge called “walk in naked”, in which you are naked and get in front of the person who plays the game and shoot the reaction of that person. If you want to take part in one of these challenges, you can choose the most appealing TikTok challenge and try to shoot it.

FAQs About Challenges

How do TikTok Challenges gain popularity?

There is no clear answer to this. But the challenges that are generally creative and entertaining while shooting the video gain popularity faster.

Will participating in the popular TikTok challenges make me gain more followers?

Of course. The popular challenges are popular because more users are watching and producing them. That’s why taking part in a popular TikTok challenge will help you get more views and followers.

What should I do to participate in the popular TikTok challenges?

Once you find a popular TikTok challenge that you are like and want to shoot, shoot that video, and share your video via the TikTok app by writing the hashtag of the challenge. Thus, you will be involved in the TikTok challenge.

Conclusion – TikTok Challenges

In this article, we talked about the popular TikTok challenges and how you can take part in these TikTok challenges. Remember that by participating in the popular TikTok challenges, you can gain more followers and become more popular on TikTok.

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How Can You Advertise on TikTok?

We all use some parts of social media. Either you use all of the platforms online or just have one account on Facebook, there is no chance you haven’t seen a TikTok video. Even though if you don’t know if I would assure you have seen a couple of videos from the app. TikTok is a relatively new app but now has more than eight hundred million active users in total. Especially the younger generations are the main content sharers, but since it has become such a huge platform, people of all ages started using it. So, if you have your own business or a way that you make money online, putting up a few ads on TikTok can become extremely handy.  Let’s see how to advertise on TikTok.

Here are the basics of advertising on TikTok: 

  • Set up a TikTok Ads account.
  • Make an ad campaign.
  • Set your placements and target audience.
  • Set up a budget and make a schedule for it.

Note: Keep in mind that the minimum ad total budget can be five hundred dollars.

  • Decide on budget pacing.
  • Set your campaign goal.
  • Design your ad.
Advertise on Tiktok

Tips and Clues

If you have hesitations on how to execute the steps correctly here are a few explanatory tips you can find the answers to your questions.

While adjusting you will also need to set up placements for your ads. You can place your ads in between stories, TikTok videos feed, or both. You can also choose the Automatic Placement option to let TikTok decide.

The most important and long part is to set your target audience based on different algorithms. Like every other online marketing strategy knowing your target is very important on TikTok ads too. Based on your viewers’ age, location, gender, and even interest you can get the best results for your campaign. The good part is TikTok lets you adjust even the slightest details like your viewers’ mobile device’s brand. 

After setting your budget schedule and pacing you will finally design your ad. To optimize it make sure your ad is explaining enough but not too boring for viewers to pass it without looking. You can add texts, links and so much more with the creation tools.


Why should I advertise on TikTok?

The first reason why is there is a huge group of viewers right now on TikTok. Also, TikTok’s algorithms are so advanced that your ads will land in front of your most potential customers.

Can I add music to my ads?

Yes, while designing your ad you can add music, texts, and much more.

Do I have to make a video to advertise?

TikTok is a platform where short videos are shared. So yes, your ad should be visual to be able to pop up in between other videos.


With this article, we tried to explain how to advertise on TikTok. Best of luck during your marketing, and hopefully, we helped you understand how to do it. For more TikTok related content, visit our website.

TikTok 101: How to Use It? (& Features)

TikTok consists of short music videos generated by users. With the TikTok app, you can browse through thousands of videos posted by other users or create your own video. How are you going to do that? Why do you do it? In our article today, we ‘re trying to find an answer to that issue.


Check and update TikTok for iOS or Android to get going. Then open the app and sign in to your Facebook or Google account. You can also comment and share the video with the icons. You will scan the sections and check the keywords to find the videos you want.

Video Creating

All TikTok videos are 15-60 seconds long. You’ll notice that there are a lot of other icons outside the red recording button. And this is what the following buttons do:

Icon Effects: This symbol is placed on the lower left side of the screen. You can select from the special effects menu that you can use in your film.

Picture Templates: This feature at the bottom of the recording button helps you to add your images to an artistic music video gallery.

Inserting Sound: There is a “add music” button at the top of the page. Click it to select a song to add to the video. If you can’t tell which song you want to use, you can use a lot of ready-made music choices.

Speed: The speed icon allows you to control how fast or slow your video is. You can make it faster and slow down to maximize laughter.

How to Use TikTok

Beauty: This icon helps you to apply a beauty filter to your video. Tap the button to open it, and then press to shut it off again.

Filters: The Filters icon allows you to add filters to your video as in other video applications.

Timer: This timer lets you choose how long you want your video to run. You can even use the slider to choose how many seconds the video will save before it closes automatically.


Who initiated the TikTok First Kiss?

Although the engaged pair pointed both fingers to Lopez, 50, on the first question, agreeing that the singer was the one to launch their first kiss, their fingers went in opposite directions while they disagreed on a few other topics that followed.

What’s the Couple Challenge?

If one of them is nominated, they’ve got to submit. The rules are very simple, and that offers couples a reason to share those happy, romantic moments.

How are TikTok challenges starting?

The challenges of TikTok, both organic and financed, are also a mixture of three elements: expression, sound, and movement, typically choreographed dance. We may be introduced by people, usually TikTokers or influencers, with many fans who have invested in TikTok advertising.


In our post today, we were asking you about TikTok and how you should use it. When you want to color your fun music videos and become the star of your planet, you can download this app. If you liked this article, you may also like how to find a TikTok username.

List of Famous TikTok Users

Not only can TikTok influencers spread the word quicker, but they’re still cheaper in the long run. To help you find the right TikTok influencer, we have selected the most famous musicians from different genres.

1. @lorengray

Followers: 37.4 million

Loren Gray is a singer and social media figure from Pennsylvania, USA. She also has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube.

2. @babyariel

Followers: 30.2 million

Baby Ariel is an American singer and actress with a huge fanbase on most social media platforms, particularly TikTok. She began her career in social media in 2015. So, she is one of the most famous TikTok users.

3. @zachking

Followers: 30.7 million

Zach King began his career by sharing video tutorials on the Final Cut Pro video editing program. He created illusion videos that he called “digital sleight of hand.”

4. @riyaz.14

Followers: 26.8 million

Indian actor and fashion blogger Riyaz Aly is a leading influencer on Instagram and TikTok. Aly ‘s fans are in love with his clean boyish looks and comic talent.

5. @kristenhancher

Followers: 23.2 million

Kristen Hancher is an actress and social media personality in Canada. Kristen’s TikTok content earned her a reputation at the tender age of 17.

Famous TikTokers

6.  @gilmhercroes

Followers: 22.8million

Gilmher Croes is an American TikTok star that started as a model in Aruba. He has had a good acting career that earned him the Best Actor Award at the 2015 Aruba Short Film Festival.

7. @nishaguragain

Followers: 21.7million

Nisha Guragain is an Indian TikToker who was shot to stardom when she shared a lip-sync video of a popular Hindi song. The post had 2.5 million likes, a record of sorts for TikTokers.

8. @jacobsartorius

Followers: 21.8million

Jacob Sartorius is an American singer, a social media phenomenon. His meteoric rise began when his debut single, Sweatshirt, was featured on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

9. @awezdarbar

Followers: 21.3 million

Awez Darbar is an Indian actor, choreographer, and content maker of TikTok. His dance and choreography performances on TikTok and YouTube have taken him to great heights. So he is one of the famous dancers of TikTok.

10. @_arishfakhan_

Followers: 20.9 million

Arishfa Khan is an Indian actress who debuted as a child actor in a successful television show. She’s sharing dance videos and Dubmash clips on her YouTube page. As a result, she had a name for herself.


Who is the TikTok Dancing Girl?

Garima Chaurasia is a 22-year-old Indian actress and model of TikTok. She went viral in February because of a TikTok video dancing and lip-syncing to an Indian song entitled “Boht Hard.”

Why TikTok made Charli Famous?

In July, D’Amelio, 15, shared a video duet — a side-by-side video — with another person entitled “Move With Joy.”

Is TikTok hacked?

There was no proof that the accounts had been compromised, but the company has just found new flaws, and that since then TikTok has patched the gaps in its program.


So in today’s article, we have listed the most famous TikTok accounts for you. In conclusion, these accounts are also the most well-known figures on TikTok Why don’t you take a look at what they’re doing?

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How to Find a TikTok Username?

You may be having a hard time thinking about finding a username and having trouble signing up for a site on the Internet. Now TikTok is one of the platforms you have these difficulties. It is because it has a lot of users. As a result, it can be really hard to find the username you want in this application. Therefore, we will tell you how to find a TikTok username and what you should pay attention to when choosing usernames today. 

How to Choose a TikTok Username?

You need to pay great attention to your username choice because your first impression on social media is your username. In an application like TikTok, which is becoming more and more popular day by day, if your goal is to reach a wider audience, it will be very useful for you to choose your username correctly and appropriately.

  • The username you create should reflect you and indicate your purpose. If your purpose in this application is to come to the fore with your name and if it is like this in other platforms too, it is okay to use your own name. However, if your reason for being on this platform is to provide funny content or content about a particular subject, you may need to pay attention to this when choosing your username. 
  • Be creative. You may have to try a bit to set a good username. The username you think might probably be used by another account. At this point, do not give up and try to find another username. It will not be a very good move to choose a random username to use your account as soon as possible.
  • If you have an audience on other social media platforms, it will be very useful for you to make your TikTok username the same as the one you use on these platforms. In this way, you can enable your followers on your other social media platforms to discover your TikTok account.
Tips to Find a TikTok Username

Some Tips for TikTok Username

TikTok is a pretty big app. There are a few things to consider when choosing your username to ensure your security.

  • If you are not a brand or do not want to promote your name, it may be safer not to use your real name and surname.
  • Your username and email address are different things. Be careful not to put your email address in your username.
  • Do not include your phone number and tips about your password in your username, these can cause your account to be hacked and your personal data to be compromised. 
  • Remember that TikTok is a platform accessible to people from all over the world.


How to find a good TikTok username?

This is entirely up to you. A username that is compatible with your content, and you will be a good username.

Is it free to change the TikTok username?

Yes, it is completely free.

Do usernames on TikTok have to be unique?

Yes, like all other platforms. You must choose a username that no one is using.


In this article, we explained to you how to find a username on TikTok. If the username you want to use is used by someone else, you need to choose another username. Because in TikTok application, like all other platforms, usernames must be unique like fingerprints. Finding a user name is not an easy process, but with the tips we give, you can make this process faster and easier. We hope this article helped you.

How to Get TikTok Famous?

TikTok is increasing its number of users every day and improving its popularity all over the world. TikTok is already one of the most popular social media apps of all time and attracts more people every day. That makes TikTok is a great place to become a well-known personality. There are many people who gain new followers and be famous thanks to TikTok. Why don’t you be the next one? So, how to get TikTok famous? Follow these steps that are listed below and start to experience the fame world of TikTok. 

Pick a Niche

You firstly need to determine what type of content you want to share with others. There are many options for TikTok that you can choose. Think about what you like the most and what most people like to watch, choose a niche, and start to post your content in that direction. It is obvious that you can use different content types together, but in order to be successful on TikTok, you need to have a profile that focuses on specific content and has a good strategy.

Have a Content Strategy 

Your content strategy is definitely as important as your content. You need to follow trends to be famous on TikTok. Look at what other users do on TikTok and create a good strategy to have a competitive role on TikTok. 

Post regularly. One of the most important requirements of TikTok is that you need to post regularly- at least 2-3 times a day. TikTok has many users, and they all post too much content every day. To be famous on TikTok, you also need to share your content regularly. 

Get TikTok Famous

Collaborate with Others 

To improve your profile, you need to make collaborations with others. It can help you gain more followers in a short time and help you to be famous. You can create better content while collaborating with others. TikTok’s audience loves the duets, collaboration. 


Is TikTok safe? 

Like other social media apps, TikTok is a safe app according to your usage. TikTok has many safety requirements, but on TikTok, you share your information with the public. That’s why even it is fairly safe; you need to post your content with your own precaıutions. 

Who is the most famous on TikTok? 

There are many people who became famous thanks to TikTok. Loren Gray, Zach King, and Charli D’Amelio are few that are really popular on TikTok.

Is it hard to be famous on TikTok?  

TikTok has many users from all over the world, and it makes TikTok a competitive platform as well as a platform to be famous. With a good strategy, it is not hard to be famous on TikTok. You need to have unique content and a good strategy to be famous on TikTok.


TikTok is an enjoyable app that allows people to share their best moments with millions of users. It is a dynamic platform that allows people to create their fame in a short time. You can learn how to get TikTok famous and can start to your experience. In order to be famous on TikTok, try to create unique content with regular posts and collaborate with others to create better content. 

If you want to learn more about such topics, please visit our website and have a look at our other articles as well.