Recently, many TikTok users are looking for ways to grow their accounts and reach a larger audience. One of the most common mistakes is to focus only on the number of followers criteria. If you want to be discovered by brands and earn money on TikTok, it is very important to interact. TikTok, which many popular and well-known brands use, increased the brand interaction rate to 350 percent in 1 year. Brands or individuals need to interact with their users to increase their engagement rate on TikTok. For this reason, brands and personal accounts that receive high interaction, of course, benefit from some strategies. How can you increase your Instagram interactions?

Tips for Increasing TikTok Engagement Rate

Here are 6 practical methods:

Collaborate with Others

Users need to follow the brands and pages. You can collaborate with famous TikTokers to gain interaction on TikTok. Sharing videos of brands that sell products with real and famous people who use the product in question creates a 30 percent interaction.

Create a TikTok Theme

The interaction may increase or decrease depending on the themes of the shared videos. It is stated that light color videos get 24 percent more interaction than dark ones.

Analyze the TikTok Statistics Well

In general, it is known that the day that provides the most interaction is Sunday, and the day that provides the least interaction is Wednesday on TikTok. However, this is a general estimate and, therefore, may vary depending on your target audience. Besides, another important point is to share daily posts. Otherwise, nobody wants to follow an account that shares periodically.

increase engagement rate on tiktok

Be Careful When Using Hashtags

One of the ways to increase TikTok likes is the use of hashtags. However, users can misuse these tags. Make sure that the post you share and the hashtags you use have the same content. Otherwise, the algorithm detects this and prevents you from falling into the discover section. You should use a maximum of 5 relevant hashtags in the content you share without getting too much.

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Interact With Other Accounts

Thanks to TikTok celebrities and competitions, the TikTok followers of many people have been increasing. But it’s important to remember that incoming followers can go back. You can also leave comments on other accounts and suggest your page to increase your TikTok likes.

FAQs on How to Increase TikTok Engagement Rate on TikTok

Is it possible for me to make money by making TikTok videos?

Yes, you can make a profit with sponsorships by following the steps above.

What makes TikTok so famous?

Creative users who manage to entertain people with videos.

Can I make money only with your follower count?

The number of views of your profile is just as important as your number of followers.

To Conclude TikTok Engagement Rate

You can earn a profit from the TikTok app by reading the steps above and increasing your number of followers and views with the intriguing video.

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